• How much do you charge?

    It depends entirely on where the recording is used. Community, local, regional and national radio stations each have their own guideline fee set-out by the actor's union, Equity. Although these fees are not set-in-stone, they are very useful for stations and voiceovers to have a good idea of what a voiceover will cost. A voiceover artist can apply a discount at their discretion - but usually only for new clients or if there's a batch of stuff to be voiced.
  • Are you available to travel?

    Yes I'm happy to travel as long as you book me at least 24 hours in advance and if travel expenses are covered.
  • What's your availability?

    I'm available every weekday between 9am and 6pm. I'm also available at weekends. However there is an additional fee of 20% if recording on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Do you record personal or small-scale voiceovers?

    Yes. If you want me to record a phone greeting, ringtone, birthday message etc., get in touch. Generally, the fee for personalised voiceovers is between £10 and £50.