• How much do you charge?

    It depends entirely on where the recording is used. Community, local, regional and national radio stations each have their own guideline fee set-out by the actor's union, Equity. Although these fees are not set-in-stone, they are very useful for stations and voiceovers to have a good idea of what a voiceover will cost. A voiceover artist can apply a discount at their discretion - but usually only for new clients or if there's a batch of stuff to be voiced.
  • Are you available to travel?

    Yes, absolutely! I am based in central Bristol - which is only 2 hours from central London, 45 minutes from Cardiff and 90 minutes from Birmingham. As long as you book me at least 24 hours in advance, I'm happy to travel as long as expenses are fully remunerated.
  • Do you use ISDN?

    ISDN is a technological relic from the 1980s and is also very expensive. However, recent advances in technology such as ipDTL sends CD quality, glitch and lag-free audio over a broadband connection - all you need to do is use Google Chrome and hit record in Audition or ProTools. ipDTL has recently unveiled the ability to connect to an 'old school' remote ISDN codec via its network. Very soon, there will be few - if any - voiceover artists and production houses still using ISDN.
  • What's your availability?

    I'm available every weekday between 9am and 6pm. I'm also available at weekends. However there is an additional fee of 20% if recording on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Can you produce a broadcast-ready advert/promo?

    Absolutely. As an experienced audio producer since 2001, I'm able to voice, edit and produce your advert/promo using royalty-free or bespoke production music. I also have a wide network of voiceover friends who are available to record if your script requires more than one voice. Email me for more info and I'll be happy to help or advise.